Basecamp Bellows - Larger collapsible stainless steel fire-stoking device

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The Rule The Wasteland Basecamp Bellows is the larger diameter, higher flow version of the Bugout Bellows. It is a portable, collapsible, rugged device for breathing life into your fires when your survival may depend on it, without having to put your face within inches of the flames and risk inhaling smoke or singeing your hair and beard. 

Larger size is perfect for the higher air flow necessary for bigger fires, grills, fireplaces, etc. Might be too much air for a small tinder pile, so for small fires use our Bugout Bellows. 

- Still lightweight and portable - About 1 oz, and 6" collapsed, 23.5" fully extended.
- Allows focused, powerful bellowing to deliver oxygen directly where you need it to turn that spark into a flame, or stoke a dying campfire.
- Stainless steel design is weatherproof, rugged, and long-lasting (with many other potential uses as well)
-Includes drawstring carrying bag

Great for Preppers and survivalists, homesteaders, campers, grillers, or anybody who needs to start or tend a fire regularly. 

Once you use the Basecamp Bellows you will never go back to crouching down and putting your face next to the fire - it is a GAME CHANGER.