4 pack of watertight Mini and Micro Survival Kit Tins

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One of the most difficult parts of putting together a solid mini survival kit is finding an appropriate container. 

If you have ever actually tried, you know that the Altoid tins that seem so popular don't actually work that well (the lids don't stay shut and they aren't water tight). Everything is either too big, too small, too weak - usually some combination of these traits. 

The Rule The Wasteland Survival Kit Tins are the perfect solution. lightweight and durable aluminum with watertight screw-top lid, they are the perfect solution for all kinds of survival kits and storage. 

This 4 pack includes 2 each of our 4oz Mini tins and 2oz Micro tins

Fantastic for:
- Tinder and fire starting kits
- mini survival kits
- making char cloth
- Survival fishing kits
- mini Faraday cages
- protection and storage of all kinds of small kits or gear