A real homestead food forest – Before and after 5 years of progress

By: The Lord Humungus

Most people interested in prepping and preparedness and homesteading involve gardening and agriculture in their plans. The next level beyond traditional gardening is permaculture and food-forest type setups. The huge advantage of this kind of setup is that instead of fighting the environment to grow your crops, your environment IS the crops. Using plants that […]

Chinese Markets plummet, Making a murderer, and Jeb! keeps it weird with turtles

  – Insane volatility continues in the Chinese markets with multiple plunges over 5% and trading being halted: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-06/china-devalues-yuan-most-august-collapse-offshore-yuan-crashes-5-handles – Police and prosecutorial misconduct has been made main stream with the success of a Netflix documentary series “Making a murder”. Most people have no idea the extent of such corruption – in chicage alone police […]

Hillary lies again – Trump not used for ISIS recruiting videos – But you’ll never guess who IS!

  Bill Still uncovers the truth about Whether Trump is being used as an ISIS recruitment tool, as Hillary claims. Now, the truth is that it wouldn’t even matter if he was – It’s just an attempt at disqualification by the Hillary campaign – “look at how he is inciting hatred! ”  Most intelligent people […]