Article submission guidelines


We are always accepting quality articles from contributors. There are no prerequisites required to being a contributor as each submission is evaluated on its own merit. Quality of content is of the utmost importance to us.

You will get full credit for your material, and can include an avatar and biographic blurb (with links) that will be featured at the end of your article. This is a great way to let the readers here at Rule The Wasteland know about your websites or material.



Rule The Wasteland is a community of winners, dedicated to improving their lives and mastering the world around them with knowledge, training, preparedness, and self improvement. Anything that helps accomplish this goal is appreciated, but keep in mind the tone and content of the website when writing your material.

Topics we suggest include, but are by no means limited to, the following:


-Preparedness, prepping, and self-reliance

-News and current events

-Homesteading, gardening, etc

-Self defense, security, house hardening

-Financial and economic news

-How-to and instructionals

-Self-improvement and mindset

-Physical preparedness and fitness

-Product and service reviews

-Gold and silver

-Firearms and firearm training

-Wilderness survival

-Police/govt accountability and legal information

-Courage, heroism, and patriotism

-Freedom and self determination



All article submissions emailed in (see below) will be approved within 3 days. If you do not receive a reply within 3 days your submission will be considered denied and the 10 day exclusivity period (see below) is no longer in effect and you are free to use your material in any way you wish.



All submissions must be new, original work. Plagiarized or copied articles will not be accepted and anyone who submitted them will be barred from any further contributions. We only accept new content, so do not simply cut and paste an old blog post. You are free to cover the same material or ideas, but it must be a new article. By submitting content to us you are stating you own the rights to said content.

By submitting your work to Rule The Wasteland you are giving us legal permission to use, publish and promote your content.  Once submitted we have full rights to use your content on here and on other outlets, such as our Facebook page.  You are also agreeing to give exclusive use of any submitted content to Rule The Wasteland for a period of 10 days from the date it is approved via email. At the end of the 10 day period you are free to use or publish your article in any other ways you see fit, even if we have not yet published it here.  Violators of this policy will be banned from any further contributions.


Any articles submitted will be edited for typos, syntax, legibility, and in some cases length or comprehension. If we feel any edits are required that would alter the article significantly we will send you the updated article for approval before publishing.

Any articles that would require excessive editing will be denied.



If you have an article you would like to have appear on Rule The Wasteland submit it to us in a Word or plain text format via our email address and put ARTICLE CONTRIBUTION in the subject line.


Be sure to include an avatar picture, the name you want to use, and a brief blurb for your bio box at the end of the article, along with any websites or social media you want our readers to know about.


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