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At Rule The Wasteland we are hoping to be able to move away from Google Adsense and switch to direct sponsorship by companies and individuals in the areas of alternative media, preparedness, firearms and self defense, etc.

We would rather have a few high-quality ads from entities in our community than a bunch of randomly supplied Adsense ads, even if it doesn’t make as much money. We feel that by offering ads from quality companies like this we can create a website where nothing is extraneous and even the ads offer value to our visitors.

If you have a product, service, website, Youtube channel, podcast, or anything else that you feel would be of interest to and create value for our visitors and wish to advertise here, please contact us.

We will soon be offering month-long advertising packages (at super competitive prices) that include:

- Main Banner ad

- Post announcing new sponsor

- Mid-month post

-End of month Thank-you post


Of course all Banners and posts will include links and pertinent information.


If you are interested you can contact us via email and put ADVERTISE in the title. 

Thank you.


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