Hollow-handle survival knives are a gimmick, and should usually be avoided

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In the latest video on the Youtube channel, I talked about how hollow-handled survival knives are a gimmick and should be avoided by anybody who actually plans on using their gear. The space in a knife handle is so small that it’s not worth it to compromise the reliability and sturdiness of a knife in such a dramatic way just to create such a small storage space. If that’s all the gear you are bringing (which is probably not a great idea anyway) you can fit it in a pouch on your sheath, or in a pocket, or pretty much anywhere else.

Here are the knives mentioned in the video:


Cold Steel Survival Edge
Cold Steel Bushman

Kabar Becker BK-9 

Tops Cub 

The Lord Humungus
The Lord Humungus rules the Wasteland

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