BLADE BONANZA – My current arsenal of folding knives

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I recently made a video on the Youtube channel showing my current knife collection. This video was just my folding knives; I’ll do another video at some point showing my fixed-blade knife collection.
A viewer asked for a list of the knives in the video, so here it is, with links to where you can find them:


Lansky Responder with BladeMedic – $ 22.22

Lansky Responder X9 – $28.88

Lanksy Quick Action Evader – $19.99

Lansky World-Legal Knife – $17.22


Cold Steel Voyager Tanto – $30.10

Cold Steel Pro Elite Clip – $28.13

Cold Steel Pro Elite Tanto – $28.13

Cold Steel Ti-Lite Folder – $44.85

Cold Steel XL Vaquero – $73.96Kudu

Cold Steel Kudu – $10.91

Cold Steel XL Espada – $223.99


Gerber Tactical Icon – $23.20

Gerber Bear Grylls Folder – $22.96


Kershaw Oso Sweet – $22.77

Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K - $24.99


SOG Pentagon Elite II – $85.80

SOG Large Kiku – $125.12
(This knife was not featured in the video. It was in the latest Battlbox and I forget to include it)


Spyderco Endura Combo Edge – $63.31
Ontario RAT – $29.90


Victorinox Tinker Gadsden Flag – $30.45

Rough Rider Don’t Tread On Me – $20.99


CRKT Homefront – $77.05


Bastion Braza – $129.99


Boker Plus Tech – 53.72

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