My official prediction for the 2016 presidential election – Humiliations galore

In November 2016 one of the most dramatic election cycles of all time will come to a close. It’s less than 7 weeks away but there is still a lot of debate about what the results might be. Well, luckily you don’t have to wonder any more what is going to happen, because I am going to tell you. I correctly predicted the primary results almost a year ahead of time, and put my money where my mouth was – winning over $1200 in the process.

Here is my official prediction for what the electoral map will look like on November 9th, 2016:


I predict Trump will crush Hillary in an humiliating landslide (if she even makes it to the election. I suspected months ago that she would not make it to Nov 8th as the Democratic candidate, and she may still drop out due to health reasons and to avoid the embarrassment of the inevitable shellacking) gaining somewhere in the neighborhood of 338 electoral votes. Of course many people say this is impossible, but they were saying the same thing about Trump winning the nomination back when I was busy placing my bets. Listen to them if you like.

The Lord Humungus
The Lord Humungus rules the wasteland

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