I’m giving away 2 free copies of the novel “Microchip” by Chey Barnes



Last year at the NPS prepper expo I had the opportunity to interview author Chey Barnes, about her novel “Microchip“. She was kind enough to give me several copies of her book to give away to my viewers. You can find her book on Amazon HERE.

This week I will be giving away 2 copies of her book to two people chosen at random; one from my twitter followers, and one from the mailing list at www.secretoftheinternet.com

My twitter handle is: @Mongoaggression

To sign up for the Secret of the Internet mailing list visit the website and enter your email address into the form on the righthand sidebar, under where it says “Subscribe to our free newsletter”. I don’t send out spam and actually use the email list very rarely, so you won’t get bombarded with emails.

You can watch the original interview with Chey here:

The Lord Humungus
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