Hillary won’t make it to election, Trump manager charged with battery, and helicopter money is coming!



Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with battery by Brietbart reporter Michelle Fields for touching her arm.

Mike Cernovich of danger and play has done some great work covering this topic:




Word is that the FBI will be conducting interviews as part of the Clinton email investigation, likely interviewing the presidential candidate herself. The interview process is the end of the process usually, and there are rumors the FBI will push for an indictment by May.



Multiple central banks around the world are openly talking about possibly utilizing Ben Bernanke’s famed “helicopter” monetary stimulus where money is given directly to consumers for spending.



In a foolish self destructive move that is sure to push unemployment rates even higher, California has become the first entire state to be raising its minimum wage to $15. The measure kicks in in incremental raises that reach the $15 mark in 2022.



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