Is “Silenced” being silenced by Youtube?

About 2 weeks ago lawyer, author, and blogger Mike Cernovich created a Kickstarter campaign for a documentary film he is financing entitled “Silenced”. The film will explore the ongoing cultural war against free speech in this country. One of the main concepts expected to be explored in this film is how lateral policing by other citizens has become a more malignant form of silencing unapproved ideas than what we even experience from direct government censorship. As more and more positions of leadership in large companies and influential organizations are taken over by militant SJWs (social justice warriors) the more we see certain kinds of ideas being forcefully excluded from public discourse. Several well-known figures have already claimed to be subjected to “shadow banning” and other ideologically related retaliatory actions by Twitter.

I posted a Youtube video in support of the “Silenced” documentary. Soon after it went live,  the video’s monetization status was revoked with no notice or explanation (meaning I would no longer receive a portion of the revenue from ads shown during that video):

non monetized status


I contacted Youtube admin immediately, and was soon told they would look into the issue, but no further details were given.

YT silenced email

Mysteriously, the monetized status of the video was returned to normal about a day later – again with no explanation or justification. This has never happened with any of my other videos ( I have posted over 280 on this channel)

What do you think? Strange coincidence / computer glitch? Or evidence that we can add Youtube to the list of organizations with SJW moles hell-bent on “Silencing” dissenting opinions?


The Lord Humungus
The Lord Humungus rules The Wasteland

2 thoughts on “Is “Silenced” being silenced by Youtube?

  1. Of course youtube is part of the SJW crew. All the major social media is in on it. You were a little early in your article on this problem as since it came out twitter and facebook announced they would actually be policing ” hate speech” . There is no such thing as hate speech, it’s just a term used to fool the masses into accepting selective censorship by the elites, and the SJW’s are part of the elitist web. The only social media I use is youtube, as it is the best one out there but I am still very wary of anything google related. Good thing you have this website in case they shut down your YT channel one day. I thinkt they rather let people post what they want for the most part as they can use it to snoop on the general public so I doubt massive banning occurs, but rather moreso just a broad PC censorship campaign so they can keep the message controlled.

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