A real homestead food forest – Before and after 5 years of progress


Most people interested in prepping and preparedness and homesteading involve gardening and agriculture in their plans. The next level beyond traditional gardening is permaculture and food-forest type setups. The huge advantage of this kind of setup is that instead of fighting the environment to grow your crops, your environment IS the crops. Using plants that grow well in your area naturally, and a mix of many different kinds that each have a purpose and even work together creates a much more productive, anti-fragile setup.

To see just what you can accomplish with a food forest in just a few short years on a modest plot of land (1 acre), check out the before and after photos of the food forest of Author and Youtuber David The Good.

Stay tuned to our youtube channel for a great interview we did with David last week.



The Lord Humungus
The Lord Humungus rules the Wasteland

4 thoughts on “A real homestead food forest – Before and after 5 years of progress

  1. I just lessened to your interview with David the good and I must say it was amazing. I love your channel and what your doing. I was wounding if you knew if his new book “Grow or Die” was out in a hard copy. If it isn’t do you have any idea if he plans to print it?

    1. It is not out on hardcopy yet, but he has definite plans to do so in the near future. I actually talked with him about it before we started filming, and he knows any book about preparedness of any kind should be available in hard copy so readers don’t have to rely on electricity or devices to access teh information in the event of an emergency. Personally I just prefer the ‘dead-tree’ versions anyway.

      So yes its coming; no idea on a time-frame but should be soon.

  2. Great videos! Great blog! Hey did you homestead? If so, do you have videos on homesteading in florida? I’m interested in moving there and going off the grid. I like florida mainly due to it’s growing opportunities.

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