Finnish girl stops refugee shoplifters – badass hero, or feminist idiot?



Recently a video has gone viral of a Finnish girl physically accosting a couple of migrant/refugee men who were shoplifting from the store she was working at. Luckily she was successful in driving them away, with the aid of some pepper spray. However it may not have been the smartest plan, as I explain in the video below.

One reason it might have been a bad idea is that is is possible, especially in these emasculated, liberal European countries, to get charged with a crime for defending yourself. Just a few days ago in Denmark a 17 yr old girl defended herself against a rapist with pepper spray and is now facing a fine for her actions. She obviously made the right choice, but it illustrates how perverted the legal system is, and is evidence why avoiding any kind of physical altercation is usually smart if you have a choice (she didn’t).

The Lord Humungus
The Lord Humungus rules The Wasteland

One thought on “Finnish girl stops refugee shoplifters – badass hero, or feminist idiot?

  1. You obviously have ZERO CLUE about the “refugee” situation in Europe. Do you even live there?? She’s a badass and should be applauded for her actions, she has BALLS that the rest of the EU lacks right now. You can shove this post right up your ass you fucking pussy.

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