Trump plays the media like a fiddle – Fox News rocked

Donald Trump


Bill Still does an excellent video detailing exactly what is going on with Donald Trump and his masterful control of the media, and Fox New’s ham-fisted, butthurt attempts to deal with the issue:

Check out O’Reilly’s pathetic attempts to get Trump to play their game and come back to the debate. I’d say O’Reilly was about 10 seconds away from offering him a blowjob. How embarrassing:

These idiots think this is making TRUMP look weak here? Walking away from a deal that you don’t like is the most powerful negotiating tool you have. They obviously need him more than he needs them. Why is it so important to them that a billionaire who has won 5 straight debates against the same people show up to one more, with the same combative, juvenile moderator, and set-up questions from a token Muslim they dredged up off youtube?

I predict right now that Trump still wins the Drudge Report poll for who won the debate, and that at least a couple questions during the debate will feature him by name.

Fox is acting like a jilted ex girlfriend during this whole debacle. What a disgrace.

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