Charlie McGrath has passed away, Hillary continues her demise while Trump rises, and Migrants attack



– Charlie McGrath, a true patriot and trailblazer in the alternative media and Youtube communities, passed away Jan 16th, 2016. He continued to post content up until a few days before his death.  He will be missed.

– The likelihood of the FBI recommending charges against Hillary Clinton continue to increase as more and more voices predict it. At the same time her health continues to be on the decline, as she recently almost had to stop a speaking engagement due to an uncontrollable coughing fit.

Simultaneously, Donald Trump has never been doing better. His poll numbers are higher than ever, and according to the oddsmakers at Bookmaker, Trump has gone from being an 11 to 1 underdog (+1124) to get the Republican nomination in August 2015, to almost even money now (+111).  His odds of being elected president have improved from almost 15 to 1 (+1460) at the end of September 2015, to less than 5 to 1 now (+426).  This means a lot of people have been putting their money on Trump.


– A Dutch photo journalist was mugged by refugees he was trying to help at a migrant camp in France, and the incident was caught on video. Appallingly (but not surprisingly) pro-immigration groups have said they should not release the video showing the attack, as it could hurt the cause. No shit!




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