Chinese Markets plummet, Making a murderer, and Jeb! keeps it weird with turtles



– Insane volatility continues in the Chinese markets with multiple plunges over 5% and trading being halted:
– Police and prosecutorial misconduct has been made main stream with the success of a Netflix documentary series “Making a murder”. Most people have no idea the extent of such corruption – in chicage alone police brutality has cost taxpayers over half a BILLION dollars during the past decade, while in Massachusets a government forensic chemist has been caught mishandling or out right fabricating evidence in as many as FORTY THOUSAND cases. ¬†Anyone who still thinks “if you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing to worry about” needs to pull their head out of the sand – Every American is at risk when abuse and misconduct is this rampant with no accountability.


– Armed militia members once again stare down the federal Bureau of Land Management Agency, this time in Oregon. While the family involved in the last BLM standoff is back, the Bundys, this incident revolves around federal mistreatment of the Hammond Family, and ranchers at large. Karl Denninger of Market Ticker offers an alternative perspective on the effectiveness of the demonstrations that is worth considering.

– Jeb! keeps it weird – CNN reports that Jeb Bush keeps tiny toy turtles in his pocket to give out to children, telling them “slow and steady wins the race.” Perhaps adherence to this weak position is responsible for his terrible performance. In real life, fast and steady wins the race, and the tortoise only won because the hare decided to take a nap. Waiting for Trump to doze off probably isn’t the best strategy as it’s reported he only sleeps 4 hours a night.

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