Hillary lies again – Trump not used for ISIS recruiting videos – But you’ll never guess who IS!



Bill Still uncovers the truth about Whether Trump is being used as an ISIS recruitment tool, as Hillary claims.

Now, the truth is that it wouldn’t even matter if he was – It’s just an attempt at disqualification by the Hillary campaign – “look at how he is inciting hatred! ”  Most intelligent people realize that ISIS disagreeing with you and telling their followers you are evil doesn’t exactly mean much (if anything, it’s a positive). The important part about this issue is that it shows YET AGAIN that Hillary lies about EVERYTHING. Seriously, is there anything she hasn’t lied about at this point? It is clearly pathological. Many of her lies are not even incredibly advantageous to her cause, and are easily disproven (such as landing under sniper fire, being broke during certain years, Trump in ISIS videos, etc). There is no good reason to tell these lies – It is clear she just can not help it and lies constantly. She is a weak, fraudulent, fearful person – Very dangerous to have as leader of the country.


The Lord Humungus
The Lord Humungus rules The Wasteland

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