Items every prepper should have in their car for everyday preparedness

I recently posted a video on my Youtube channel about the 3 kits I keep in my car for everyday preparedness. Listed below are links to most of the items I mentioned in that video if you are interested in making a kit of your own. The original video can be viewed HERE.


Automotive tool kit

Jumper Cables

Red duct tape

Portable Urinal bags

Portable towels

Trauma Dressings

Israeli Bandage

Instant cold compress

Neck Brace / cervical collar

Ace bandage

Latex gloves

Face masks

Eye Protection / splash goggles

Quik Clot clotting sponge


Wound wash 



Watch SPQR Cincinattus’ excellent video on his light medical kit:

The Lord Humungus
The Lord Humungus rules The Wasteland

One thought on “Items every prepper should have in their car for everyday preparedness

  1. Dear Lord H;

    Just thought I’d mention this about superglue;
    if you keep it in the frigerator it will not harden
    up. I use Krazy Glue 5 gram or .18 oz bottles
    with the orange top. They are available at Walmart
    very cheap in the crafts section. The bottle gives
    more quantity than those little superglue tubes.

    To make superglue harden instantly, you can use
    Bob Smith Industries Accelerator or an equivalent.
    Some hobby stores carry this item in a 2 fluid oz.
    pump spray bottle. Just one little spray shot and
    superglue freezes NOW.Don’t breathe the fumes
    of accelerator. It smells awful and is toxic.

    If you don’t have accelerator or an equivalent,
    you can gently dust superglue with baking soda
    and it will also set quickly. Not as good, but it
    will work.

    Don’t get superglue on your fingers because
    it will bond skin together. Be careful.

    My Thundervolt zapper should be part of a bug-
    out-bag. It is available in 110 AC power and 12 volt
    versions. It can give you an energy boost and it
    kills human parasites, which may be ingested in
    survival or disaster situations.

    Regards, Steve Coffman

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