Trump continues ascension, Yuan gets IMF approval, Mexican Defaults, and US aids ISIS?


- Trump continues his rise

Ever since Trump first entered the race for President there have been calls for his impending demise, and continued insistence that he is nothing more than a sideshow or fun distraction that Americans will quickly discard when the time comes to choose a serious candidate.  However, not only has this not happened, but his lead has continued to increase, allowing him to be the leader in most polls since he started. The guffaws from the left and establishment GOP types have quieted and transitioned to quiet confusion, and have now turned into outright panic and shrieking as they fear an apocalypse. 


- Yuan makes it into the SDR

Over the years China has increased its push to have the Yuan included in the IMF’s currency basket  for international trade, the SDR. The IMF finally authorized inclusion of the yuan in the SDR, giving it a 10.9% weighting.

Look for this percentage to increase over the coming months and years as the currently favored western currencies, especially the dollar, continue to lose their influence.


 – Mexican entity facing massive default

One of the largest companies in Mexico may soon default on a $31 million debt payment, causing some to wonder if this could spark a global debt default crisis. 


- Is the US aiding ISIS?

While it is fairly universally accepted that the US has been doing a terrible job of dealing with ISIS, there are many now claiming that ISIS is being directly supported by the “land of the free”, likely in an effort to crush the Assad regime in Syria.  With 45 min. warnings before bombings to refusal to destroy oil assets, there is enough evidence there that this theory can’t just be dismissed.


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