Celente predicts 2015 crash; fed admits no hike before election; Did a meteor hit Iran?

Iran hit by meteor


– As the United States continues its descent into 2nd world status, cities all around the country are dealing with the side effects of this decline. In San Francisco a light pole recently collapsed from being completely corroded by urine.

As the economic collapse of the country intensifies, we are likely to see many more issues related to increased homelessness, crime, poverty, etc. In short, America will start looking less like the superpower it has been for decades and more like just another second-world country – or worse.


– Zero Hedge reports that despite being ostensibly apolitical, the Federal Reserve may have just admitted it will not be raising interest rates before the election, because economic outlook influences voting patterns.


– Trends researcher Gerald Celente has added his name to the list of experts who are predicting an imminent collapse in the US equity markets. The Economic Collapse Blog reports that Celente is calling for a market crash by the end of 2015. We will soon know if he is right.


– Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was recently ordered by a federal judge to turn over all job-related emails and correspondence. She has just certified to the judge that everything she had has been turned over. If she is being dishonest, this could expose her to charges or perjury or obstruction of justice. Time will tell.


– We’ve seen the US bring its authoritarian boot down on what it views as competing currency in the past, but the trend continues to spread across the world. In the UK, many new forms of local artisanal paper currency are popping up and gaining popularity, some even featuring David Bowie.


– In the weirdest story of the day, multiple websites are reporting that a giant meteor has struck Iran, causing massive devastation. No reports yet from any mainstream or legacy news agencies. It is possible this story is a complete fabrication, and it is also possible that there has indeed been some sort of destructive event, but that may be related to a nuclear facility disaster or a covert attack by Israel or her allies. Only time will tell if there is any validity to this story, as a legitimate meteor strike would be very hard to keep under wraps for long.

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