Hillary may be finished; US stocks buoyed by few companies; Preppers arrested

hillary oops


– Hillary Clinton has been dogged with multiple scandals for some time now, and it looks like one could finally have some serious negative consequences for her fledgling presidential campaign. As Bill Still reports, a federal judge has ordered Clinton and two of her top aides to turn over all state department related emails that they have been hiding on private servers by August 7th. Its likely they will ‘redact’ much of the information that is surrendered, if they surrender it at all, and I am curious to see what Judge Sullivan does when they refuse to turn it over, or turn over obviously incomplete data.

– Much has been made of the US stock markets impressive rise over the last few years, and talk has abounded about ‘recovery’. However many companies traded in US indexes like S&P500 have declined n price, with valuations being buoyed up by the insane valuations of only  few of the biggest companies, such as Apple. Zerohedge reports that 10 startups with combined revenue of 4 billion dollars are worth a combined 156 billion dollars!

ZH also reports that Apple, who’s valuations are responsible for a large part of the S&Ps recent gains, is entering a correction. 


– In a disgusting display of political correctness and legal pedantry gone awry, the United States Navy has announced it may bring charges against a Lieutenant Commander who used an “unauthorized” weapon to fire back at the Chattanooga gunman who shot and killed five service members.

AP reports that federal agents have arrest 3 individuals in North Carolina who were supposedly prepping for martial law. They were arrested on various explosives and weapons related charges. While these individuals allegedly broke the law, the federal government has made it perfectly clear in the past that it considers all preppers to be domestic terrorists, even going so far as attempting to get gun stores to turn in their customers for actions as simple as buying 100% legal items like bulk food or “night flashlights”.

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