First amendment activists face off with county judge – and win!



There has been significant national press surrounding some recent events in Jacksonville, Florida involving the arrest of activist Michale Hoffman and subsequent actions by chief judge Mark Mahon at the Duval County courthouse. As PINAC has reported, Michale Hoffman was initially arrested last year for trespassing while holding signs critical of the government while standing on public property outside the Jacksonville Aviation Authority.

Despite the prosecutors admitting during initial hearings that Hoffman had indeed been standing on public property,  they continued to pursue the charges of trespassing against him. When Hoffman returned to the courthouse to protest judicial corruption and disseminate jury nullification information, he was forced to leave, and the county began a series of malicious actions that clearly violated the United States constitution.

Judge Mahon issued a judicial order barring anyone from criticizing judges on courthouse property, and even barred photography of the courthouse and courthouse property – both clear violations of the first amendment. To make matters worse, the judge presiding over Hoffman’s case issued gag orders preventing him or his attorney from even mentioning the First Amendment during the trial.

PINAC correspondents Jeff Gray and Thomas Covenant were threatened with arrest for filming the courthouse while standing on a public sidewalk across the street. PINAC filed a federal lawsuit against Chief Judge Mahon, and scheduled a protest for July 20th with plans for multiple people to film the courthouse and protest Judge Mahon in open violation of his unconstitutional order.

In the face of the federal lawsuit and national media scrutiny by popular law blogs such as Popehat, Judge Mahon quickly backed down and rescinded his unconstitutional order.

The PINAC event proceeded as planned, albeit as a celebration instead of a protest.

This time freedom has won, and Judge Mahon has exposed himself as a coward and an oathbreaker. But the fight is not over: After being subjected to the most expensive and elaborate misdemeanor trial in Duval county history, Michale Hoffman was unfortunately found guilty of trespassing (on public property) and sentenced with penalties far exceeded the severity of even a legitimate trespassing charge.

He and his attorney are appealing the decision, and due to the significant bias shown against him in the initial trial, confidence is high that he will prevail.

If you wish to support Michale in his defense of the 1st amendment, please visit his gofundme page. He has already amassed legal bills of well over $25,000.

Below is footage of the PINAC Jacksonville event:

The Lord Humungus
The Lord Humungus rules the Wasteland

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