Sanders as President, Greece bailout flip-flop, and US collapse in 7 months?

Greek deal falls through


As usual the internet is alive with more insanity from around the world. The Global economic reset continues in full effect. Here is some of the most interesting information from just the past few days:

– In the first such ‘Red Alert’ that he has ever issued, Michael Snyder of predicts the United States will undergo major financial collapse within the next 6 or 7 months.    He does not mention a specific cause, only that his years of research and information collection, along with some key insider information he can’t share, led him to this conclusion.


Precious metals prices continue to stay low, despite record demand for physical bullion. The demand has been so strong in recent months in fact, that the US mint actually completely sold out of silver coins. Normally when you have something that is selling record amounts and actually selling out, the price goes up, not down. Welcome to the new economy. Take advantage of it while it lasts.

His interview with Daniel from the Vision Victory channel:

– How do you feel about Bernie Sanders? According to Captain Capitalism, he is our next president. Hillary who?

– After Greek Prime Minister Tsipras  initially defyied the will of the people by ignoring the intent of the recent referendum and moving to accept a bailout deal with the EU, it appeared we had just another kicking the can incident on our hands. However, the rumors of the Grexit’s demise were exaggerated, as it seems more turmoil is on the horizon, as the deal is falling apart as we speak.

A “landmark” deal has been reached with Iran that apparently will prevent them from getting nuclear weapons in the next 2-3 months as they would have, and will instead make sure they don’t have any nuclear weapons for a whole year. If you think that doesn’t seem like a big difference you aren’t alone.

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