MELTDOWN – World financial systems are running out of time



There has been so much insanity in the global financial system for so long, that events that would have been literally breathtaking are becoming a mundane regular occurrence.  Even in the alternative media community there is a sort of normalcy bias where these events don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve. Or it could be that there are just so many that there is no way to stay on one story for more than a day or two as there are literally several downright historic events occurring every week.

If you mentally take a step back from the current financial climate and evaluate these events on a historic basis, and not just compared to the past few years, you will start to see the downright insanity of the things that are transpiring.

A mere decade ago people literally laughed at the idea of a Eurozone nation (or any western nation) defaulting on its debt – an event that is now a certainty, in some form or another.

And it is not just Greece. We are witnessing the total collapse of the reigning global financial paradigm:

NYSE closes mid-trading under mysterious circumstances

Chinese stock market evaporates over 3 TRILLION dollars in the biggest market crash since the Great Depression

Global debt levels are at an all time high

– Vast portions of the United states are experiencing the worst drought in 500 years, with the entire state of California in danger of running out of water completely in less than a year, according to NASA.

Japanese investors dump record amounts of foreign bonds in June

– Puerto Rico has an debt burden that is unpayable – A crisis so severe it is being called the “Greece of the Western Hemisphere”

– Us National debt is over 18 TRILLION dollars, while our cities are exploding with civil unrest and our police become increasingly militarized.

Imagine going back in time ten years (or even 5 years!) and showing yourself any one of these headlines. You need to view these as you would then – as insanity. We are in the midst of a total breakdown of the current economic system, and you need to be prepared because we don’t have much time.

The Lord Humungus
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