Your Concealed carry permit may be more useful than you think



Many readers of this website and subscribers to the Youtube channel are licensed concealed carry permit holders. These permits holders usually get them to be able to carry in their home state, as they go about their daily routines close to home.

It is important to consider however, that due to reciprocity agreements among certain states many permits are recognized in a large number of other states. Furthermore, even if the permit from your state of residence isn’t honored in many other places, a number of states offer permits to non-residents, and those permits will allow you to carry in many other locations. Utah and Florida permits are recognized in a lot of states, and do issue to non-residents. Alaska has perhaps the most widely recognized permit, but only issues to residents of the states.

As usual, the most liberal states are the most difficult to get permits in, and simultaneously the least likely to have reciprocity agreements that recognize permits from other states. My recommendation? Move to a state that at least pretends to respect your rights.

Here is a handy online resource for determining reciprocity between the states, and figuring out which permit(s) to get:

Best bet is to get the permits that will be recognized in all the states you travel to or in regularly, and anywhere you have relatives or other reasons to visit.



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