Could Ebola be the black swan event that crashes the fragile US economy?


Panic has been growing regarding the Ebola outbreak after the nation has gone from totally disregarding the danger to seeing 3, possibly even 4, cases appear in the country within 2 weeks.

While the direct danger of becoming infected from the disease itself is still present and growing with each new case, there is another danger that this ‘black swan’ event threatens: The collapse of the fragile US economic system.

Fall, and specifically October, has traditionally been rocky territory for the stock market anyway, and with the US equity markets suffering drastic losses within the past week our desperately inflated bubble economy is as fragile as ever.

Now it is being reported that some airline stocks are plummeting in what is believed to be a direct result of news that the latest confirmed Ebola victim traveled by plane AFTER beginning to show symptoms.

If the mere news that an infected person used a plane causes major stocks across that entire industry to stumble, what will happen to the local economy of Texas if dozens, or even hundreds, of people contract Ebola? What will happen to economy of the entire country? Will the economy be able to handle this? Will you?

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2 thoughts on “Could Ebola be the black swan event that crashes the fragile US economy?

  1. did you notice how ebola went “away” during the xmas buying rush, and now that it’s over. all of a sudden in the news yesterday , they have ebola again in ATL? how convenient it went away so sheeple can go out and buy , but now the buying frenzy is over and its back

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