5 Reasons the U.S. Will Not Be Able to Contain Ebola


Ebola workers

Unrestricted Travel

As of right now there are no travel bans or restricted flights to Ebola infected parts of the world.  Let me repeat this… there are no current travel bans to this part of the world, this has to be a joke. In my opinion this would be the first common sense step in the right direction of containment. If there are parts of the world being ravaged by the worst outbreak in the history of a disease, it’s probably not a good time to visit grandma at this exact moment in time. If you really want to go there, fine, there’s nothing we can do to stop you. However, if you want to come back there is plenty we can do to stop you.  You should be put on an International no fly list and  have your United States passport revoked. If it’s that important to get to Liberia tonight for whatever reason, it should be that important to be stuck there waiting until this mess gets straightened out.

Depending on 3rd World Airports for Screening

So if you are flying out of one of these Ebola infected countries back to the United States we are depending on security and officials in these 3rd world nations to properly screen and diagnose people with Ebola before letting them out of the country. It just doesn’t seem right that there is no plan within the United States Government in order to deal with something of this magnitude. We are going to have to remain dependent on some equivalent of a T.S.A. official in Sierra Leone in order to stop the spread of this disease. I wouldn’t even want to depend on our T.S.A. to stop something like this, let alone agencies based in West Africa.


It’s on the Honor System

Due to the most recent case of Ebola on American soil in Dallas TX, Liberian officials have announced an investigation that the current infected patient lied about coming in contact with the disease. Can anyone believe he actually lied about this!?!? Well, yes, I can believe such a lie is able to be told. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck upon departure in an Ebola infected region in the world, so of course he lied about coming in contact with the disease. Why would he tell the truth? In a perfect world he would have replied, well yes, I came in contact with Ebola and now I want to be stuck here where a hospital consists of a pop-up flea market tent and a poncho, but the world is not perfect. Is he to blame that he would rather be back in the U.S.A. when he becomes symptomatic of the disease, in a hospital that actually has the means to take care of him. This is why there is no upside to the honor system, only downfall.


Stopping it is the Responsibility of the Government

Please, look at the picture below and fundamentally take in it’s meaning:

Slug bureaucracy

Now that you understand, how can you depend on the our government to stop something of this magnitude? Have you ever been to a post office, a DMV? It’s take a number, wait in line, and if we can find someone who works here and speaks English we might be with you before 4:00 PM today. This is, of course, because the rest of the working country goes until 5:00 PM, government jobs cannot burden federal workers with traffic, so they must leave to go home an hour before everyone else. The government does nothing in a common sense way, they have a protocol to follow, and if your situation doesn’t follow protocol, then oh well, you’re S.O.L. It’s also awesome that there is no accountability within the government, unless of course there is a big enough screw up, then some head of a federal agency will plead the 5th and eventually take the fall.

Bureaucracy VS. Bureaucracy

Thomas Duncan, who is currently infected with Ebola in Dallas TX, was sent home after showing up on Sept. 26 with a fever and abdominal pain. The hospital had recently held a drill for Ebola and Duncan told a nurse he had recently returned from West Africa, yet he was not isolated. He returned two days later, on Sept. 28 in an ambulance. It also wasn’t until today, Oct. 3rd that a hazmat team was able to get into his apartment to remove infected items within the house, including bed sheet and carpet. The reason for this 5 day delay was an issue in permitting with the local municipality. Does this seem like a complete joke to anyone else? The government has to fight with the government in order to get permission for itself to disinfect an apartment of a disease that could be the worse epidemic we’ve seen since the black plague? Please read the article on composting for a disaster, I think we’re heading in that direction.

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