Hillary lies again – Trump not used for ISIS recruiting videos – But you’ll never guess who IS!

  Bill Still uncovers the truth about Whether Trump is being used as an ISIS recruitment tool, as Hillary claims. Now, the truth is that it wouldn’t even matter if he was – It’s just an attempt at disqualification by the Hillary campaign – “look at how he is inciting hatred! ”  Most intelligent people […]

Is it Organic – What does organic and GMO really mean?

  **This article was contributed by SPQR Cincinattus**   Organic products are becoming increasingly popular and make up about five percent of the total food market. Last year sales of organic foods and non-food products sold a total of thirty-nine billion dollars’ worth and increased more than ten percent. Organic products also provide farmers a […]

Trump continues ascension, Yuan gets IMF approval, Mexican Defaults, and US aids ISIS?

  – Trump continues his rise Ever since Trump first entered the race for President there have been calls for his impending demise, and continued insistence that he is nothing more than a sideshow or fun distraction that Americans will quickly discard when the time comes to choose a serious candidate.  However, not only has this […]