Chinese Markets plummet, Making a murderer, and Jeb! keeps it weird with turtles

By: The Lord Humungus

  – Insane volatility continues in the Chinese markets with multiple plunges over 5% and trading being halted: – Police and prosecutorial misconduct has been made main stream with the success of a Netflix documentary series “Making a murder”. Most people have no idea the extent of such corruption – in chicage alone police […]

Preparedness Youtuber receives $10k false arrest settlement against City of Gainesville, FL

The host of a popular preparedness and survival channel on Youtube, recently received a $10k settlement from the city of Gainesville, FL (of which he will receive $7,500 after attorney’s fees) for a false arrest that originally occurred in November 2013. As part of the settlement agreement Eric English also received an apology letter1 from Gainesville Police […]